Introduction to Information systems analysis

Introduction to Information systems analysis

The competitiveness of a company and its value on the market are determined by several elements, of different importance depending on the sector of activity. We can generally group these elements into two classes

  1. The material elements
    •   Infrastructure
    •   Financial supports
  2. Intellectual elements
    •   Employee competence
    •   Employee motivation
    •   Collection and optimal use of useful information

In recent years, business managers (banks, insurance, industry, etc.) have increasingly recognized and admitted that the management and exploitation of information is a factor of competitiveness that should not be overlooked.

The rapid development of IT has given businesses the ability to use advanced and powerful means to manage and exploit very large volumes of data. A few years ago, the field of computerized data management was reserved for computer scientists. Currently, trends within companies have changed so that all employees are increasingly involved in the various processes related to data management and exploitation. In this way,  a certain level of knowledge of the principles and standard tools of IT is required today for most of the positions available in companies.

However, using the most sophisticated IT resources is not enough to make the most of data. In parallel with the IT tools useful for managing data, such as increasingly powerful computers and adapted software (DBMS, Spreadsheet etc.), methods of analysis and design of information systems have been developed. These methods offer us the possibility of analyzing a natural information system, such as for example the management of books in a bookstore or the management of claims of an insurance company, to then design a model that represents this system. and finally implement a computer system, based on this model.

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